Are you a liar? Annoying question, isn’t it? What is to lie?Looking for the meaning of ‘lie’, the dictionary defines it as ‘a statement presented as the truth and with a deliberate intent to deceive.’

Working with teens and preteens for long years, I have witnessed some of them lying; giving false information and wrong statements. Analysing the situations in which they usually lie, I found out a direct correlation between lying and being afraid. Fearing the consequences of their mistakes, fearing to appear as irresponsible, fearing to have to make amends, fearing to be punished by their parents, fearing to be deprived from a trip or a reward. Fear was the main factor behind teens’ lies. When it came to adults, I failed to understand why lying became so common. I am unable to comprehend why lying in even simple matters instead of facing the situations? Why speaking the untruth with others instead of talking straight and fixing the reasons behind referring to lies?

The main problem from my perspective is that one lie, just one, shakes our trust in the person speaking it. How to trust a person who lies, even if he does it with others and not with us? How to differentiate between his true and untrue statements? 

Lying is a high way to lose people’s trust and damage relationships. And honestly a lie is a lie no matter whether it’s a big lie or a little one, and there is nothing such a white lie as some people jokingly claim.


2 thoughts on “Lies

  1. Totally agree about teens lies but regarding adults lies, sometimes U R put in a situation that if U say the truth , U may hurt someone, upset someone, not be up to his expectations , some people fear envy, others want to keep secrets till things R achieved !! For me I hate lying but sometimes it’s my only way to keep my relations safe 😔

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