Do you love yourself for who you are? Are you in peace with yourself; with nature, your values, your attitudes, your behaviours, your skills, your strengths and your weaknesses? Do you accept yourself the way it is? Well, the good news is that if you dislike something about yourself you can change it, it isn’t easy, yet it isn’t impossible. Think of change, if you were to identify one, just one thing, that you wish to change in yourself, what would it be? I have learned long years ago that half the solution to any problem lies in identify it. Well, does having a weakness mean we have a problem that needs to be solved? In many cases, yes. 

Think of the people in your circles, whether you’re a friend, a spouse, a parent or an employee. Does the weakness you identified affect them negatively? Does it infect your relationships?

Attending a workshop lately, one of the participants told me: “I just broke up with my fiancé. I am nervous and have poor communication skills.” 

Wow! With such self-awareness and knowing where the problem lies and taking the full responsibility of the matter without pointing his fingers at her, I wondered was it really impossible for him to develop his communication skills? Aren’t there techniques or tools to calm his nervous nature?

In the age of information we’re witnessing, there are no excuses from my perspective to surrender to the weaknesses that affect others, to give up our beloved ones labelling ourselves instead of training and transforming it.

Are you in peace with who you are? If not, transform yourself; ask for help, read books or articles, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos or TED talks, consult experts. You deserve to be happier and investing your time, energy and money on your own development is the best thing you can ever do to yourself. 


One thought on “Change

  1. Great awakening article my dear , I notice my defects but can’t put a good plan to change them all, I might start slowly to change one at a time . May be some of them R affecting my circle indirectly 🤔🤔🤔

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