Are you aware of your feelings? How often do you pay attention to your emotions, and how accurate are you in figuring them out? Do you express your feelings to yourself and to others or do you tend to deny them?
Reflecting on how we were raised, I noticed that we were always encouraged to think, not to feel, to listen to the voices of our minds, shushing the whispers of our souls and hearts. I lately read that recognising our feelings help us recognise our needs. And what happens if we do? A new life will start to unfold. 

How do you feel now? Do you feel thirsty, hungry, tired, exhausted, stressed or burnt out? Do you feel sad, empty or lonely? Do you feel manipulated, used, abused or deceived? Or on the other hand, you feel happy, excited, cheerful or enthusiastic? Do you feel loved, cared for, respected or appreciated? 

When we connect to our feelings, we connect to the person we’re holding within. It isn’t a sort of luxury as many of us might think. It’s a corner stone in knowing ourselves more, nurturing our needs and disciplining our minds to carry out our duties. It’s mandatory for anyone seeking a better quality of life and chasing a life of purpose. 


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