Do you pretend to be someone different than who you truly are? How often? Why? Does it happen with some particular persons? Pretending is acting out something that isn’t real, is giving a false appearance than what’s true. We can pretend to be happy, to forgive, to forget, to let go, to have inner peace, to have fun. But for how long and for the sake of whom?

Since childhood, parents raise their children expecting them to act in certain ways and manners, to behave and to obey. Getting older, it becomes like a software installed in the brains of most people, urging them to please others or else they would be labelled as disobedient, selfish or rebellious.

Created as human beings, we have a natural desire to be socially accepted. To which extent do we allow this desire to control our existence? To which extent do we pretend to be someone while we aren’t? Are we serving ourselves? Would this truly grant us happiness, fulfilment or inner peace?

Try to watch yourself for a week, a day or even an hour and see whether you pretend to be someone else or you act the way you truly are. 

What would be the meaning of life if we can’t live it with our own identities?


2 thoughts on “Pretending 

  1. We may have to do this for sometimes as we R living in a family not alone so we have to compromise few things but sooner or later our true self will find it’s way again ❤️


    • Compromises are different than pretending and especially among our families we should be our real selves and never pretend to be someone different than who we really are


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