Let Go

Did you let go of your sad memories and painful events? Or do you hold onto them, feeding them and allowing them to take over your present moments and to often block your happiness?Inquiring about letting do, I read that human beings create and maintain problems because they give them a sense of identity. They cling to their past allowing it to steal their present and to distort their future. 

Discussing the matter with my counsellor after finding a long list of tips and techniques to let go, she advised me to start my day with a morning prayer; asking GOD sincerely to help me forget, forgive and let go and pleading HIM to help me have a peaceful happy day.

After ten days of applying her advice, I feel stunned from the results. Not only I was able to let go my saddest memories, I found my soul indulging in happy memories that I had kept unnoticed for many decades.

Do you face difficulties letting go? Do you feel present pain due to past experiences? Give it a try starting your day with my counsellor’s advice. Miracles still happen.


One thought on “Let Go

  1. No dear, I am letting go all the bad things so they can’t occupy any space in my present or my future ❤️


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