Are we toxic persons? Do we have toxic effects in one or more of our relationships? Being a toxic person doesn’t mean that the whole person is toxic. It’s that his behaviour in a relationship is toxic. Do we try to get our needs met by acting out, bullying, complaining, blaming or playing the victims? Do we play the roles of martyrs or crush others by requesting them to be up to our standards as perfectionists? Well, if we are adopting any of these behaviours in our relations, we ought to slow down and reflect on what made us become toxic. In other words, why do we act like toxic persons? 
Inquiring the reasons behind becoming a toxic person, I found out that they are often deeply wounded and for whatever reason, they are not yet able to take responsibility for their wounding, their feelings, their needs and their subsequent problems in life. 
Are we deeply wounded and in result we poison our relations with our beloved ones? Do we have unfulfilled needs that urge us to act wrongly, harming our relations instead of running for our beloved ones for help? Becoming a toxic person is a lot easier than facing our own wounds and struggles, yet will we be truly helping ourselves by ruining our relationships and pushing away the ones who truly care?


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