The Dream

Is there a certain dream that keeps haunting you? Something that keeps nagging you to do it? An idea that keeps echoing in your mind? Months ago I was asked about the thing I would regret the most on my death bed, not something I had done, yet on the opposite; something I hadn’t, a dream I hadn’t pursued. Writing a novel was my answer. Since I was a child I loved reading, I enjoyed books and felt thrilled in bookstores. Always thinking belittle of myself as a writer, I never had the courage to give it a try. Who am I to write a NOVEL? I used to tell myself. What do I know about writing styles, about characters development and all these stuff. Every time this dream chased me I ran away, disciplining myself to be realistic. Till I was asked this question of the thing I would regret not doing. 

Reflecting on this while writing the last pages of my first novel I felt happy, alive and proud. I felt courageous for standing up for my childhood dream and for pursuing it with all my might. 

Do you have a dream that keeps calling you? What would you regret not doing while taking your last breath on earth? What’s holding you back? An incredible journey is waiting for you, sum up your courage and conquer your fear. Shape your dream and indulge in a life of passion. It’s never too late and time doesn’t wait. 


One thought on “The Dream

  1. My dream was having my own brand for fashionable women clothes in Egypt & also abroad , having a factory , providing elegant , fashionable clothes that compete with exported clothes in price , finishing & quality . Also to help my country to be the fashion icon of the world by helping in incouraging & atracting young fashion designers , to realize their dreams πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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