The Canvas

Standing between the walls of one of my rooms at home, I remembered how different it was years ago. With few changes in it I have created from it a private space for myself. With this thought, my mind drifted the word ‘creation’. I thought of how I created a quiet place for myself to work passionately, how I created a certain routine to practice writing daily, how I created a planning system for my vacations using mind maps, ensuring that I work on my four dimensions; body, heart, mind and soul. Indulging in the concept of creation was an eye opener. Each person is in a constant state of creation, whether he’s aware or not. We create everything around us, we make decisions and create our happiness, we pick choices and create relationships, we do things repetitively and we create our habits. We do create ourselves, with every single thought we embrace, every action, every day we spend is a thread in the canvas called our life. The fact says that we can’t pull a thread off after weaving. What are we creating? To which extent are we aware that we’re creating our one masterpiece called our life? Will we be satisfied at the end while lying on our death bed looking at the large piece we’ve knitted? Will it match what we intended to create? Or we will figure at the end that we had spent our life creating randomly without deciding what we wished to create, how we should have created it and which skills we needed to develop to be able to master our creation? 


2 thoughts on “The Canvas

  1. Didn’t use to plan anything , so my canvas was somehow messy, but I am trying to improve it as much as possible so I can be proud of myself on my death bed ❤️

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