The Sleepover

Planning to spend a sleepover with my sisters, I checked my notes on my mobile to pack my bag. Long time ago I had saved a note in which I wrote all the things I usually need while traveling for a weekend to make packing an easier task. This time with my sisters involved, I thought of sharing with them the note to remind them with what they might need for our night. Shortly, I received smiley faces and laughters from them on my message. My youngest sister asked me to share it on my blog under the title of ‘did you?’and I laughed back. Few hours later she called, urging me to share it. ‘I wasn’t mocking. Many people will be packing for the Easter vacation and they might benefit from this tip,’ she persuaded me. Thinking of the many times I wasted hours, effort and energy in packing and the other times in which I traveled without an important item or a charger, I surrendered and started jotting these words. The task is simple, just write a note on your mobile, tablet or even on a piece of paper that you hang it near your wardrobe. You start writing general items like jeans, pants, jackets, underwear, socks.. Then you add your cosmetics like shampoo, deodorant, perfume, toothpaste.. Afterwards you move to more specific items like eye glasses, sun glasses, book, diary, pen, tablet, charger.. At last you note any medicines, lenses, ear drops..which you might need.

Every time you pack, you make a copy from this note, you erase what you won’t need on your trip, you cross what you packed and you check it one last time before you leave ensuring that you hadn’t forgotten any item. You travel free minded and hit the road confidently!


One thought on “The Sleepover

  1. It is a wonderful idea, I have been applying since long time in my travels, it really saves me a lot of effort & reminds me of any missing item, so a I can feel relaxed knowing that I didn’t forget anything ❤️

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