The Best Way Of All

What’s the first thing that popped to your mind when you read the title? What could it be the best way? And best way for what?During a camp I attended with my family this month, we were asked this question. What was the best way of all to have a good family? A happy one? Happy kids and satisfied parents? During the two days we spent there, all activities, games, sessions and group discussions were focused on this best way of all; Love. 

Returning home after the camp, I felt overcharged with emotions and thoughts. I picked my diary and started to mind map how can I apply what I learned there in at my home and how to extend it beyond my little family. ‘Agape’, the level of love we were encouraged to adopt, consisted that our love be active, sacrificial and unconditional. Having this in mind I started to reflect on my relation with my daughter and how I can express to her my agape, not just my love. 

Having happy families and emotionally healthy kids had been always the most challenging job from my perspective, it requires from us as parents lots of work on ourselves, our strategies and philosophies. The first step we need to start with is to recognise that our children, as they are now, are our handmade products. To have happy families, we need to fix ourselves and nurture our kids instead of crushing them to become who they weren’t meant to be while pretending to be the victims. 


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