The Two Words

‘If you were to write a note to your younger self, what would it be in only two words?’
I read this question on Facebook months ago and spent some days thinking of the answer.
As a mother of two, in my twenties and early thirties, I used to be so strict and firm with my children. I raised them hoping they become serious, principled and disciplined. I had them my priority and was extremely committed to my systems, rules and routines.
After reading the Facebook post I reflected on my younger version and figured out the two words I wish I had applied back then when my children were still young: ‘Easy and Enjoy’ they were.
I wish I took it easy when they misbehaved, or took it easy when they asked for exceptions to break the rules once. I wish I enjoyed holding them, their bicycles, bags and balls while trying to keep my balance till reaching the baby garden. I wish I knew back then that time flies and in a blink of an eye my children would turn into teenagers taller than me.
This short sentence on the social media touched me deeply and I thought, why not thinking of myself in ten years from now and write another note to my younger self, but this time writing it at the beginning of the journey to avoid sorrows and regrets.
My two words this time were: ‘Cherish and Accept’.
To cherish my blessings and on top of them the people I love, to cherish their presence while they are still alive. And to accept, to accept that life will have its downs; that I will be getting older, that my health won’t be the same, that my memory might fade and my sight might weaken. That my children will be carrying their own lives and my house will no longer be chaotic or noisy with their stuff and giggles.
I promised myself then to accept the changes life might bring to my doorsteps and to cherish the blessings I dwell in; recognising them by focusing on what still exist instead of wailing on what no longer does.


2 thoughts on “The Two Words

  1. Great article my dear 👍, In the contrary ,I look backwards & I say that I should have been more firm & put some rules & red lines for my kids as now they don’t accept the No as a possible answer !! They treat me as a friend without respect that I am their mum !! I also should have fighted more to keep my Atelier which was my real passion , I should have applied my husband’s way of studying for my kids as being easy with kids made them above average but not seeking excellence !! I should have taken care of Me more, my health , my needs, my career …. & made more effort to flourish them …. As for now , I am trying to correct any possible mistake , while counting my blessings & enjoying my life while starting my passion …. Time pass sooo fast , but I want to enjoy their presence before they R gone & settle my work so I don’t feel empty & strengthen my relation with my loving husband, family , friends sooo I feel secured ❤️❤️❤️

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