Attending a conference one day, I heard about people who got their masters degrees just by using the time they spent going to work in a smart way, either by reading or listening to ebooks. Since then I started investing my time on my way to work in reading books that would help me become a better human and a more effective educator.
One day I was reading a book called ‘Who am I’, and came to a chapter in which the author (Reiss) differentiated between two types of happiness; feel-good happiness and value-based happiness.
Feel-good happiness, as he explained, was a feeling that lasts less than few hours and which is related to something people do in a current moment, like eating, watching a movie, spending time with friends. Though it’s pleasant yet its effects fade very quickly.
On the opposite, value-based happiness lasts for long periods of time. It’s related to the person’s life in general and the purpose of his life. People who lead meaningful lives experience this kind of happiness, they might not feel-good and happy in a certain moment yet they are happy about their lives in general. This only occurs when they have a purpose in life and it lasts for long periods.
Now the question is: are we happy? Is our happiness a short one limited to feel-good happiness or is it a value-based one which generates from our sense of purpose?


One thought on “Happiness

  1. Great article my dear 👍👍👍 , Although I feel good happiness , I always feel something missing !!!! That’s the value based happiness which will make me feel useful through finding & achieving my purpose in life that God created me for ,That’s the trueeee happiness brighten our life & soul & feel extreme satisfaction & fullness ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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