The Selfless Act

Do I love myself? An important question anyone seeking happiness needs to answer, for how happiness could be chased without loving oneself?
First, to know if we love ourselves, we need to identify how we see it, what we like and appreciate about it and what we dislike in it. One of the easiest exercises to do this is to write a list of the things we admire in our character, our past, our present, our actions, our values, our traits, whether physical, social, intellectual, psychological or spiritual.
Second, we start to identify the definition of love from our personal perspective. While some might limit love to physical attraction, others might frame it in feelings and emotions.
Then, we need to observe our words and actions towards ourselves to know if we truly love it. If we express our love for others through gifts do we get ourselves? If our language of love is words of affirmation, do we praise and encourage ourselves? If it’s quality time, do we spend ‘me time’ enjoying our own company?
Loving oneself is a selfless act when it’s used as a corner stone for a life of contribution and compassion.


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