Words are powerful tools, they can act like weapons and they can act like soothers. Same word spoken with sarcasm can shake a person’s confidence and spoken with care can unleash a hidden potential. Same letters arranged in a certain way can spread love and arranged differently can disperse hatred. What were the words you heard the most in you childhood? What was their impact on you? Did they inspire you to become a better adult? A loving person? Did they help you open your heart and act with passion? Did they encourage you to do your best? Did they make you believe in yourself? Did they invite you to go out of your comfort zone? Did they leave positive traces on your character?
Choosing our words well and knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it is an art that we need to master if we’re keen to have strong relationships with people in our circles of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.


3 thoughts on “Words..

  1. Love the article & the post sooo much , agree with U my dear , people’s words of believing in my talents & my will give me a huge support , my dad words saying work is essential in life still ring in my ears . I also feel it when I encourage any person, the feedback is miraculous 👍👍👍

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