The Lovers

‘Life has to end, love doesn’t’, reading this in one of Mitch Albom’s books, was a big eye opener for me. Before encountering this concept, I used to think that relationships end as soon as the person dies. Observing widows in my circles of families and friends, I got inspired by one of my close aunts, who was living out this value, happily conquering her days and softly battling her empty nights. Her partner had passed away years ago after long years of sickness in which she served him patiently, and despite being madly in love with him in his lifetime, she still seemed very happy after he deceased. ‘What’s the secret?’ I questioned her one time. “Who said he left me? He’s with me all the time. I feel his presence, I hear his voice, I take his opinion in all matters and he speaks to me. He never left me. I feel his love and he still embrace me with his tenderness.”
If I hadn’t read Albom’s words before this talk, I would have doubted that my aunt was turning insane. What I saw that day was a couple deeply in love, a couple who defeated the barriers of time and space, who remained intimate even while being physically apart, who lived a love story in which they loved each other unconditionally, they made their love active and they made sacrifices.
I watch her smiles, her contented heart, her soothed soul and I wonder how many lovers ever understood that true love never ends even when life does.


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