The Prestige

Ending a long day of work and social commitments, I longed to have a short ‘Me time’ before sleeping. Reflecting on my day and its demands, I started to think of the concept of time and jot down the words associated with it. The first ones that popped to my mind were: invest your time, save time, spend time, waste time. The second ones were: precious time, value the time, cherish the time, make time, have time, free sometime, lifetime, no time.
Temped to explore more, I googled the concept of time and the words connected to it and I came out with the third set of words: anytime, daytime, nighttime, overtime, time eater, timekeeper, timer and timetable.
Rereading what I wrote made me recognise that I value the time and that I understand that it’s a finite resource that if I am not investing it, I’ll be wasting it. Then, I thought of the quality of time itself and how to spend it in a way that will help me feel content, satisfied and peaceful. At last, it made me reflect on the importance of organising my time, considering my priorities and energy while scheduling my activities and things to do on the different times of the day and night.
Time, we have no hand in its beginning and live ignorant to when it will end. All that we can do is to understand its concept and give it its appropriate prestige.


2 thoughts on “The Prestige

  1. A very detailed 7 D definition of time , I would have never thought of time that way !!! I know that time is precious & we must appreciate every minute , your post will make me take a deeper look ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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