The Oxygen

Do we love our beloved ones? Strange question, isn’t it?
We all have people whom we truly love despite of the ties bonding us.
Seeing people suffering, I wondered how could people be loved and in love and living in such agony.
Thinking of the profound value of love, I discovered that the majority of us as human beings, by nature, lack the ability to communicate their love and to receive love. For someone to be loved could mean to be cared for in sickness, to the other it could be to receive praise and encouragement. Each one of us has his own preference in receiving love. However the main problem is that we insist on loving people the way we like to be loved, ignoring the fact that they are completely different; they are not us. Love is not just a verb it is a noun as well. We need to tell our beloved ones ‘I LOVE YOU’ and we need to ask them how they wish us to express our love, if we truly love them and want them to feel our love. We need to ensure that the love we give is well received by our beloved ones. Life has its rules, to receive love you need to give out love and never say you don’t need love, cause it’s far more important to us as human than the oxygen and water. Without love, our souls would fade and gradually die.


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