The Definition

“What’s your definitions of love?” we were asked while having a group discussion. Scanning my mind for the answer, I remembered my students, not just my own kids, and how most of them longed for love and how their attitudes spoke loudly of the little amounts they received at home.
I shared my definition, having every living thing on my mind, including our four years old cocker spaniel.
‘Love is a need. Every person needs to be loved and needs to give love. When this need is fulfilled correctly and the love is expressed unconditionally, the human feels safe and empowered. It’s only then that he will be able to live his life to the fullest, unleashing his true self and doing great things, not fearing to be rejected, judged or belittled.’
Love, will always remain the greatest renewable energy existing on our planet. It energises people to act, empowers parents to give, unfolds humans’ incredible abilities to share without calculations.
I believe that love should rise from within and that only when we succeed in loving ourselves, we will be able to fulfil other people’s needs and to love them deliberately.


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