The Thirst

‘Whom do I contact if I want to leave a comment or share a feedback please?’ I asked the employee at the Bookshop.
‘Is there any problem I can help you with Madame?’
‘No, thank you. I just wish to contact your customers’ satisfaction team.’
The man gave me an email address and his eyes spoke what his tongue failed to mutter. Saving him the worry I added: ‘I just want to send a thank you email, as every time I feel impressed with your staff’s effectiveness, wide knowledge, decency and professionalism. So I thought of sparing few minutes to express my satisfaction and admiration to your chain.’
The guy stood with his mouth half closed. He seemed unbelieving his ears.
The next morning, after sending my email, I received a very warm thank you email from the person in charge. She explained that she forwarded my email to all the employees working for the chain, in every single branch. She ended her note saying that she wishes that her store and team members be always up to their customers’ trust.
Reading her email many times I touched a thirst. People do feel thirsty to kind words. Customers usually follow the policy of ‘Good service, keep mouth shut. Poor service, make a scandal.’ I thought of people around me; employees, workers, waiters, teachers, trainers, artists, and many others in every single field, working hard, longing to hear a feedback, a kind word, a praise, anything to cheer them up and motivate them to give more and perform better, receiving only feedback when things go wrong. I decided to be the change I wish to see, I started to give feedbacks; positive and constructive ones. I started to pay more attention, catching people doing right things, and praised them for their uniqueness and their devotion. I ensured my words were honest and specific and this made all the difference as it wasn’t just about giving empty unreal compliments.
People are thirsty, we can water them, reap excellence and be happy in return.


One thought on “The Thirst

  1. Love it sooo much & totally agree with U my dear , having experienced this myself , it’s really very nurturing , when U lake those words U feel sooo thirsty that even one or two words can make U feel as overdrunk ❤️


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