The Coincidence

Checking my Facebook account, I found a reminder with a memory five years ago. I was accompanying my students while delivering their donations to a children Cancer hospital. Same date, only five years later, I was delivering donations with another promotion to the National cancer institution.
What a coincidence! I paused and started to decode the messages the universe was sending to me through the Facebook memory.
The first thing that popped to my mind was that I was blessed for five long years without suffering from such a tough disease.
Second, I was grateful that I still had the energy and strength to lead my students in service projects, unleashing the human being hiding within each one of them and exposing them to the pleasure of service and the joy of giving.
Third, I was happy that I was still acting out my personal mission statement; using my life to serve and embedding in teenagers the passion to contribute in making significant differences in the lives of people around them.
Last, I felt sad from the increasing number of children and adults who suffered cancer, and puzzled seeing some very young children smiling despite of their pain while elderly patients were shedding tears of sorrow.


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