Plan To Be Happy

When was the last time you had a wonderful vacation? The Easter break will arrive soon, wish to feel relaxed, happy, recharged and renewed, just learn to plan your holidays ahead.
Stephen Covey in his seven habits book advised the reader to consider his four dimensions to carry a happy life; the heart, the soul, the body and the mind. A way to plan our vacation in order to be happy is considering our four parts.
Here are some guiding steps:
First step: Happiness mind map
1- we start with a blank paper writing in its centre ‘Happy Vacation’.
2- using four different colours we draw four lines in four different directions, each one having as title one of our four dimensions.
3- we start writing next to each title the things that would nurture this dimension and that we would feel happy doing them during the vacation.
(e.g Heart: meeting old friends, Mind: learn to meditate….)
We write several things next to each title, while considering the resources we have in terms of duration of vacation and money we can spend during it.
After we finish writing the things that would make us happy and nurture our heart, soul, mind and body, we will have a mind map for happiness.
And hence we will need to move to putting it into action.

Second step: Happiness arrangement
In this step we will need to have a piece of paper and divide it into two parts; phone calls and things to do. We start reviewing the things we stated under each dimension and identify the arrangements we need to prepare for our happiness (e.g call spa to book a massage, contact a friend to check suitable time for gathering, reserve a ticket on line for a musical concert..)
After we have the list of calls and to dos, we will need to think of the people who might help us, a friend to book the ticket, a sibling to arrange the travel..the remaining stuff we will need to arrange them on our own.

Step three: Happiness in action
1- we will need to get another blank paper and draw columns with the numbers of days off we have, writing the day and date on the top of each column
2- we then divide each column into two rows one for morning and the other for evening
3- then we start adding the appointments we have booked and the arrangements we did in the matching cell of day, date and time.
4- we will need to go back to our mind map and check the things that weren’t scheduled on our days off and distribute them on the empty slots.

One of the important things to consider is that we need to work on the four dimensions if we truly want to be happy. Also being flexible to a certain extent, especially with the things that don’t involve other people or rigid appointments.
At last, we need to pay attention to the little things that can boost our happiness in our daily lives, like listening to our favourite music, drinking a certain beverage, observing the clouds. Things that are almost costless yet priceless.
The task sounds complicated, it takes some time especially till we practice it many times yet the results it brings are unbelievable.
Decide to be happy, it’s never too late!


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