The Universe

Yesterday was a hard day on me. Emotionally. The hours passed heavily sucking my energy and dragging my tears. The tough morning left me desperate to sit with myself to figure things out and lift myself up. In the evening, I picked the book I’m currently reading, had just a dozen of pages left to finish it. I walked to a coffee shop intending to read while drinking a coffee. On my way, I heard Mother Theresa’s lines echoing in my head: ‘People are unreasonable, love them anyway. If you do good, people will accuse you, do good anyway.’ My mind replied: not now Mother, I am truly tired and I am so down. I need no preaching now. I need comfort.
Sitting at the coffee shop, I flipped the pages one after the other. Just three pages before the back cover, Mother Theresa’s lines appeared under my eyes. The same exact lines that echoed in my ears minutes ago.
This isn’t the first time the Universe communicates with me through books. Reading what I had just heard made its way directly to my heart. I wasn’t just comforted. I healed.


3 thoughts on “The Universe

  1. It shows a lot of my way of thinking , to do Ur best for everybody, as much as U can , do be kind for everybody as much as I can as I do all that for God , I have faith that nothing will be useless in My account towards God , my reward will be from God in my life or after & also my fate is in God’s hand as he only knows my intentions ❤️

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