The Revealed Masks

‘A white bird spread its wings flying above the calm blue page of salty water. It flew alone, slowly and smoothly radiating hope and peace. My eyes followed its journey till it went out of sight. Large clouds moved, changing the background of the relaxing scene. The yellow sparkling coin hid behind the white huge curtains, leaving the morning gloomy. A young princess walked on the creamy grains holding a pack of chips, looking charming with her long dark eye lashes and short curls decorated with a pink flower.
I felt a strong urge to hold my ink and apply it on the book of life. The book of my life. Now that I am reaching the end of its third chapter, I am dominated by grace. I flip the pages catching memories and events. A spark of wisdom embraces me with light. Sadness and joy altered in harmony making me who I am today. Every battle I encountered wiped me from my fears, my sins and my weakling. My curses revealed their masks, showing their tricks in blessing me and my beloved ones. Each detail was a gift offered to me, only few I unwrapped, denying the rest out of ignorance and hollowness.
Now, I turned into an ‘A student’, I learned my lessons and studied them well. I am opening my arms wide to all my days shall bring. I set my rebellious soul free, like an untied balloon on a windy day. I fired my resistance and hired a new software. My operating system is positivity, it’s my daily paradigm and my life time legacy.
I love who I am now for what I became. My body is aging and weakening holding within a sharp mind and a grateful heart’.


2 thoughts on “The Revealed Masks

  1. Our faith in God makes us strongly believe that all what happens to us R blessings even if we don’t C it now, we will feel it later 🙏


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