The Mini Break

‘Taking Mini breaks’ was a concept I read in one of Sharma’s book. It suggested that we try taking mini breaks during our tough days, just by closing our eyes and imagining ourselves in a place we like. Spending few minutes just in our place envisioning a scene of our choice, paying attention to the details and experiencing it mindfully with our senses would alter our moods and energise us, he claimed.
Yesterday I had a very demanding day, at night, while attending a musical concert, I remembered the lesson I had read. I closed my eyes and ravelled with the melody. I saw myself in a white dress riding a black horse by the sea. He stopped and I stood barefoot, touching the wet sand, my heart was soothed. The moon reflected its light on us, opening my palm he devoured the sugar cube I held. We walked side by side, the fresh air wrapped us. My breath went slower and I found myself sitting under a large old tree, a book in one hand and a fruit in the other with the sun warming my body. The horse stood still, watching me patiently. Bitting the fruit I couldn’t figure what was it, not an apple, not an orange and not a banana. The symphony ended and I opened my eyes. ‘Sharma, you’re a genius,’ my mind muttered. From my place and in just few minutes I traveled, walked by the beach and read in the fresh air. Imagination is a human gift, you’re right Stephen Covey. The horse became calmer and ready for another ride. He needs no discipline talks today for his needs were fulfilled with the break. The horse was my soul that was comforted thanks to Covey and Sharma.


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