The Bubble

When my son was still a child he was scared to ride bicycles. As a toddler he had started riding a tricycle and felt so anguish to shift to bicycles when he got older. One day I insisted to put an end to his fear. Encouraging him to try he resisted, shouting loudly: “I’m afraid. I will fall, I will fall.” Setting my mind to unblock his mental barrier, I answered: “Imagine your fear as a small bubble inside you, not a large bubble surrounding you.” With his preteen voice he started pedalling while repeating: “Fear is a bubble inside me not surrounding me, inside me not surrounding me.” He went on trying to keep his balance, repeating his mantra and breaking a wall of fear.
Being able to help him, I felt so happy as a parent and learned that my words do affect my children’s self-confidence and empower them. Years later when I started learning to ride bikes, I repeated my son’s mantra to calm my soul and it became my motto in any freaking situation.


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