Befriending Stress

Weeks ago I was watching a TED talk about stress and how it could be used as a positive thing. The speaker went on explaining how stress sends signals to our brains that we aren’t fine and that we need help as social creatures. One of the ways she suggested to befriend stress was to seek emotional support from people around us to feel better. In doing so, instead of cracking under stress, we would receive love and affirmation, feel better and thank stress for alerting us that we didn’t feel well and needed support.
Well, I gave it a try. The results were indescribable. When stress started kicking me, I took mini breaks of less than five minutes offering a shoulder-neck massage to one of my colleagues who’s suffering from chronic pain. Every time I helped decrease her pain I felt like my positive energy was getting recharged. When I gave out love, I received love in return which decreased my stress and soothed my nerves. When things turned darker, I asked a colleague-friend for a hug. I became more aware of my colleagues’ stresses and started to think of different ways to help them feel better.
Reflecting on this experience of befriending stress, I discovered that I succeeded to be more productive, less stressed, calmer, happier and more appreciated at work by my colleagues.
Now instead of inviting people to destress, I encourage them to add stress to their list of friends. It will let them feel emotionally fulfilled than they had ever imagined, only if they succeed in noticing him at once and give him the respect and attention he deserves.


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