The Frame

Identifying myself as a visual learner, I preferred to learn that way. Books, direct teaching, live workshops came on the top of my favourite learning experiences. For years I refused to try online courses, ignored ebooks and kept doubting my abilities to learn in any other possible way.

Months ago I joined a live workshop in which the instructor urged the attendance to listen to podcasts and to register in online courses, “live courses will become obsolete one day”, he explained, “you must evolve, embracing new methods and technologies.”
Ending the course I jotted a look at a mind map I had drew before the course. It was divided into two main branches, one displaying my weaknesses and the other my strengths. The sub branch of learning triggered me; categorising myself as a visual learner under my weaknesses, for I had other senses that I wasn’t using truly well.

Temped, I decided to give it a shot with just one podcast. In the days that followed I allocated some time to work on this weakness. Podcasts, TED talks, videos, ebooks, seminars and webinars unfolded in my hands, inviting me to the virtual world and dissolving my previously called weakness. Taking notes while watching or listening turned out to be my key to effective distant learning. It saved me time, effort and lifted my self-esteem. I enjoyed turning a weakness into a strength and learned not to frame myself in one limited area for I found a brand new world awaiting me out there.

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