Love, Is It A Verb?

Love is a verb. It’s true it is. However many of us forget the fact that a verb could be pronounced not only acted out.

When I was a kid, I had wondered over and over if my parents loved me. My mother was a devoted mum, during the school years she prepared my sandwiches herself, she ensured my uniforms were clean and ironed, she made sure I did my homework and she spent long hours revising with me so that I get high grades. She disciplined me daily, never loosing energy nor hope. During summer time she motivated me to read and to handle my own responsibilities; like arranging my room and doing my laundry to prepare me to become an independent person. And though she worked hard nights and days on me, I always doubted her actions, for I was so young to understand her motive.

This journey of agony lasted till I delivered my baby girl, only then I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to see the full picture. A large big red heart appeared, inside it were the books, the snacks, the laundry, the lectures, the reprimands, everything. My feelings were mixed up, I felt screaming and laughing, wailing and dancing. Why, why didn’t you say it? I needed to hear it and it would have made all the difference.

Now, not a day passes without that I tell my children ‘I love you’. I say it many times a day. I prepare their food and tell them ‘it’s prepared with love’, I discipline my daughter and tell her ‘Because I love you’. Every time I say it, it holds a new meaning and it has a
brand new taste.

‘I love you’ is a short sentence consisted of just three words and eight letters and it has an incredible effect of human beings no matter how old they are.


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