The Joke

“Refaat, either you quit the team or I move to the madhouse,” this was the joke my Ballet coach poured in my ears every single training. What a joke. These words spoken to me in public in a mocking tone never made me laugh. On the contrary. With every class a new knot was formed in my young brain, leaving me blocked, affirming me that I am an awful learner. I grew up doubting my physical abilities and hating exercises, pushing my self really hard to practice sports for the best of my health while always feeling incapable. 
As an educator nowadays, I try my best in creating a safe environment for my pupils. I encourage them to pose any questions no matter how stupid they sounded. I acknowledge their efforts and praise their progresses. I respect them, understand their limitations and share mine with them. I ask them to teach me the skills they master and thank them for sharing their strengths. I value them and protect their feelings, refusing any experiences that would leave a negative impact on their self-esteem. My students became a part of me and what I don’t accept for myself I don’t accept for them.
Hitting Cairo-Alexandria dessert road, my mind drifted to my childhood and my Ballet teacher. He had failed to pass to me his passion for dancing and didn’t succeed in helping me develop the required skills. However, he had taught me how to be a nurturing teacher. 


One thought on “The Joke

  1. Hope all teachers know that they Not only teach us their subjects but they also affect our life in soo many ways & may affect our decisions & choices along our future too …..


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