Why? Why from my perspective is one of the most important questions to pose to oneself. Why do we befriend some people and reject others? Why do we commit to certain things, neglecting others? Why some words in specific irritate us apart from others? Why do we prefer certain jobs or tasks hating others?Why making a certain choice among all others? Why choosing a partner despite all other people on earth?


In his profound book of ‘7 habits of highly effective people’, Stephen Covey explained the importance of having a Mission Statement. He described it as the compass that would enlighten a person all along his journey, guiding him to his true north. 

Just few sentences or even words, scripted by the human being in a moment of deep thought and while being true to himself and titled ‘Personal mission statement’, have the power to grant him a life of fulfilment and save him many regrets.

Are we aware of our true north? Do we know why we do what we do or act the way we act on daily basis?

If not, it’s about time to scribble our mission statements.


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