The Chains

If there’s one thing that I admire about myself it would be my passion for learning. Not studying, learning. In terms of reading, writing, going through new experiences, attending workshops, exploring new places, observing people, listening to different opinions and then applying what I learn to become an evolved version of the old me.
Years ago I was encouraged to learn something new, which was riding bikes! Me, riding bikes? No way! I wasn’t such a risk-taking person and I thought of people and what would they say in my male dominating eastern country. What would they think of an Egyptian girl riding bikes? Would they think that I am not respectful nor decent? Would they annoy me?

I gave myself a while to think as I have decided, since I faced a problem with my voice, never to refuse something without considering it from various angles. I thought of my fears and worries, of how people’s opinions controlled my life and I decided to set myself free from fears. I started taking the course, it took me twelve lessons instead of eight like normal people 🙂 yet I did it! I proceeded with getting a license and started riding a Vespa over the crazy traffic of Cairo. I felt like a new me was born.

Now, every time I ride it I feel proud that I broke the chains of ‘what people would say or what would people think’. I feel free from my worries and my fears. I see myself as a courageous person who’s capable of taking risks and of trying new things. And when I look back, I feel happy that I didn’t surrender to some incomprehensible ties chaining females in my society.


One thought on “The Chains

  1. U R a brave strong person to do this but sometimes U put lots of considerations into Ur perspectives that might refrain U of following Ur dreams . When we R part of a family , we have lots of issues to put into consideration , hope we can relief most of them to follow our dreams 🙏


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