House Wives

‘My children never listen to me, they are so stubborn. I do nothing in my life but them, I am a devoted housewife and I don’t feel appreciated’.
I hear this sentence often from many women in my circles of friends and acquaintances. My reply usually goes on: ‘What do you do during your mornings while they are at school?’
‘I have no time for myself. I cook, clean, do the dishes, the laundry and feel dead by the time they’re back. They don’t even care to lend me a helping hand. The only thing I do for myself is going to the Coiffeur.’ In their replies lies the secret behind their misery.

How do we expect from our children to listen to us, to trust us, to value our opinions and to take us as role models while we spend our days doing chores that anyone else could have done, penalising our children, not giving them quality time for being exhausted from home chores? How do we stop learning and developing and expect from them to put their hearts in their studies and pursue decent careers? And what do we expect them to learn when the only thing we do for ourselves is going to the hairdresser; embellishing our appearance while leaving our brains empty and our souls hollow?
If we as mothers become just maids in our houses, we shouldn’t complain from our children for not obeying us, and who would obey a help and see her as an admirable figure?

Being a housewife is an honour when the mothers invest their days learning, developing their talents or skills, reading, watching valuable programs and becoming better versions of themselves on regular basis.

When you observe something you dislike in your kid, stop pointing at him and just look at the mirror, it will tell you a lot.


4 thoughts on “House Wives

  1. I’m a SAHD and my kids are just over 3 and a few months away from 2. I refuse to do housework all day. It doesn’t bug me but we all live in this house and we all contribute. My girls help with the dishes sweeping and vacuuming. They pick up and even help with laundry. I did this for the same reason you stated, if I’m the maid then why do they have to listen. So we spend some time everyday cleaning up then we have the time of our lives.

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