The Omens

In 2010 my life turned upside down. I had lost my voice due to a sudden problem in my vocal cords. Black veils wrapped my existence, defeating my spirit and catching me from envisioning any hope in a brighter future. Months passed and despite my persistence and several trials to maintain my work as a teacher, which I still consider my calling in this life, I failed. Microphones, voice therapy sessions, medicines, minimising my teaching hours didn’t work. I had to think of an alternative and I got angry, so angry back then, unable to understand ‘why’? Why me and why now and why in my voice which I considered my most valuable asset back then.One day in the middle of my agony, I remembered willing to write a personal mission statement while always lacking the proper time and clear mind for such a challenging task. Being on my sickness vacation, I got my diary and started to scribble what was truly important to me, what I wished to do with the remaining time I have on planet earth, who and what mattered to me the most. One of the lines I had wrote back then was ‘To receive God’s omens and to reflect accordingly while being open to change.’ These few words as simple as they sound, formed one of the most demanding parts in my mission statement. They urged me to be attentive to the omens sent from all elements of the universe. Moreover, they forced me to change not just act. 

This experience, as tough and hurtful as it was on me, had transformed me into a person with higher self-awareness and had unlocked my senses, connecting me with the world and its secrets. I concluded that feeling lost during my illness was actually the first step in finding myself, discovering my life purpose and the meaning behind my creation.

Listening to the omens requires practice and attention, however, I consider it one of the most enriching skills a person can develop for self-growth and fulfilment. 


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