Washing the Dishes

Washing the dishes during the weekend became an insightful experience for me. One weekend I was cleaning them before placing them in the dishwasher and one of the plates stopped me. It had different stains of eggs, beans and feta cheese. The cold water flew over the plate, removing the beans first. It went easily with the flow without resistance. Watching the other leftovers resistance, I turned the tab of hot water, few seconds and the feta spot slipped in the basin. And there stood the yellowish circle, refusing pridefully to surrender like her two other peers. I picked the kitchen brush and scrubbed it repeatedly till it collapsed under my trials.
This scene put me on hold, I thought of kids and teens, how we as parents and educators expect them all to respond to our methods of teaching or our pedagogical strategies as if they were all the same, not paying attention to their uniquenesses, their natures, their characters or their learning styles. How do we expect them all to learn with the same pace and to react like their siblings, classmates or friends.
The dishes taught me that warmth can be used to conquer resistance; and that patience is a key factor to succeed in challenging matters. And most of all, living mindfully made me conclude that everything we do holds wisdom that will unfold only when we pay attention to it.


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