Emotional Cancer

Cancer, what a terrifying disease. Once diagnosed with it, the patient rushes to check ups, second opinions, treatment protocols and intensive care system to defeat it.
It’s striking how human beings handle biological health issues with great attention, giving little importance to psychological ones.

Emotional cancer, as named by Covey, had been growing fast in our community and on a large scale, invading minds and destroying relationships. The four types as he explained are ‘criticising, complaining, comparing and competing’.
Taking the second type for example, not a single day passes without that I hear people complaining from their lives, their jobs, their children, their spouses, themselves, their weight and the list goes on and on.

Trying to defeat emotional cancer, I started with myself, adopting a quote I read before: ‘What you can’t accept, change and what you can’t change, accept’. This quote keeps echoing at the back of my mind every time I catch myself complaining, and to my surprise it affected my life greatly.
By practice I became more aware of my emotions and feelings and turned into a proactive person. I refuse to play the victim; either I accept my circumstances or I change them. I envelop myself with proactivity not allowing cancer to occupy my heart.


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