The Secret behind the Smile

Yesterday one of my colleagues asked me to share the secret behind my smile at work. “I hear people saying they want to become like you,” she said. “Like me? What do you mean?!” With a lovely smile she added: “Organised, cheerful and calm.”
Well, organised I admit I am, cheerful I love to smile and to cheer others, but calm? I work hard on it, insisting on defeating the cruel disease called stress and I’m still a trainee.

Later at night, I recalled her words and her inquiry. I started to dig deeply to figure out the real reasons behind the three things she mentioned. I went to bed with jammed thoughts and with the first light of this morning I was able to see the answer as clear as a twinkling star in a dark dessert sky.

‘First things first’ is the clue my dear friend. When I lead my life starting my days with what matters to me the most, making room for other things based on their importance and their significance, I feel calm and cheerful.
My starting point was to know who I truly am, who I want to become and what is the quality of life I wish to live. From my perspective, the secret behind a happy life is to become a better version of yourself not a copy from someone you admire. Listen to your heart and set your priorities. It’s that simple.

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