Paying Back and Paying Forward

‘My mentor gave me wise counsel. He changed my life. I could never adequately pay him back, so I just have to pay it forward.’ My eyes watered reading this part in the book of ‘The last lecture’.
Well, I will never be able to pay it back to the infinite number of human beings who taught, inspired, mentored, helped, supported, criticised, educated, raised, lifted, coached, trained, modelled, advised, encouraged, praised, rewarded, complimented, cheered and nurtured me. I dwell in gratitude for each and everyone of them. From the youngest to the eldest, many of them are my students by the way and they are my great sources of inspiration. But I have vowed to pay it forward, trying my very best everyday, doing the best I can to help others and brighten their lives.


2 thoughts on “Paying Back and Paying Forward

  1. U must pay anybody my dear as U R paying other people, that’s the point , people gave U to give to others not necesserly to pay them back ❤️

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