The Sailing

Few days ago I was reading a book when I crossed a sentence on uniqueness. I felt triggered with the word, hours later I contacted my soulmate and asked: “What is my uniqueness?” The first answer was: “I am not in the mood for these questions and I’m not ready to think now.” Insisting, I pleaded to receive a serious answer. What happened next left me stunned.From my friend’s perspective I was: “A very organised, committed and caring person. These are the three unique things in you.” To sum up the discussion, my twin soul asked me why it mattered to hear these words if I already knew them and for sure I have heard them over and over since I was a little girl.

“When I was a little girl my parents never praised me. Ever. My mum constantly complained from me for not being organised, for not being committed and for refusing to help and acting selfishly.” I answered. 

“You’re kidding!” 

Well, I wasn’t. My mum had labeled me, had scolded, punished, threatened, criticised me with these three words till I departed my parents’ house and started my own family.

In 2007 I was nominated as Community and Service leader for leading 79 students in service project, teaching them the value of giving. In a competition at work I was nominated ‘the most organised’ among my colleagues and I had received many certificates for my commitment and devotion.

Later at night I was able to see the connection for the first time. What my mother had tortured me for became the key behind my success and uniqueness. I had a tough childhood, she had a frustrating motherhood, and together we sailed to this present moment. 


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