The Poor Teachers

How often do we pass through experiences then complain that they added us no value? We attend workshops or meetings and we come out saying they were a waste of time, we watch movies and we say they were meaningless, we meet people and we accuse them to be narrow minded and we watch TV programs and we criticise both the guests and the interviewers for the shallow conversations.
It’s true that some of life experiences are less beneficial than others, only if we evaluate them according to our own standards. Many of us start their days having expectations or prejudgments. We attend meetings waiting for a certain value and we register in courses expecting from instructors to have our own pace and we converse with people waiting from them to agree with our opinions. Many of us adopt the concept of ‘I know it all and I am right’.

From my perspective, every situation in life and every person has the ability to add a rich value to our lives, we just need to be ready to learn and attentive to the hidden values, the deep ones. Even poor experiences are great teachers, the clumsy instructor inspires us to be more organised and the yelling child alerts us to an unfulfilled need. The useless meeting teaches us the importance of having a clear agenda and the traffic jams challenge us to think outside the box, finding alternatives in transportations instead of using our cars or at least trying car pooling.

We were given fives senses and many of us can trust their intuition and are capable of hearing the whispers of their inner voices. It’s a real pity not to invest these gifts in learning from everything around us, for every thing is a teacher, whether living or non living.


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