The Lunch Boxes

One evening in my mid thirties I was preparing the lunch boxes for my family members, I love preparing them snacks for school/work so that they feel cared for while learning or working and would have energy to better perform. I prepare the food with love and gratitude; for having food, family and health to serve my beloved ones. On this particular night, I was feeling down, I remembered how my mum used to prepare me sandwiches for school and I longed to be pampered, even for few times. Between the cold bare walls of my kitchen, I was hit by a thought that altered my life. Why have I been always considering my family as three members? Why counting only my husband and two kids? Why didn’t I include myself in the count?
Since that day I started to treat myself as one of my family members, I started to listen to my needs the way I paid attention to my partner’s and kids’ needs, and even wants. The lunch boxes became four, mine included the food I like, the way I did for them, each according to his taste and preference. I learned to include myself in the count and to have it on priorities list. Since then our family is no longer three, it became a family of four noticed and nurtured human beings. 

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