The Calling..

Working with young souls for almost two decades, I have witnessed how each person holds within magnificent potentials, even while being still so young. Then, most of these young souls, getting older, busier with school demands and spending precious time to get good grades or break records, they neglect their talents and mute their inner voices. They choose to follow the crowd, playing little and preferring to remain in their comfort zones. Sometimes lacking self-confidence and sometimes preferring the easy path.Observing them working actively, creatively and passionately, I start daydreaming of a world where each human being unwrap his natural gifts, doing the exact thing he was created for and answering his calling. And I feel stunned with the marvellousness of what I see. 

My body shivers, my mind rebells and my heart cries for the infinite persons who departed, and will still depart, our planet leaving no real impact for the illusion of the comfort zone, following the crowd. 


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