People Change

People change, they do, it’s a natural law. One day on my journey of writing my first novel, I was consulting one of my peers when she lent me a book to help me in writing my dramatic story. Reading the chapter titled ‘The characters’, the author stressed on the fact that they should change from the beginning of the novel till its end. He pointed out that only the poor author is the one who will leave a character unchanged, because this is against the laws of life.
I was reflecting lately on my relations with people in my various circles, when I remembered the book and the author’s theory. It’s true that people change and that in relationships, some of us exert extra efforts to keep acting like they used to, hoping to keep their relations healthy. While some might fight, pinpoint, disagree, accuse and reject others because they no longer act like they used to. And who’s the poor victim in both cases, it’s the relation, becoming unhealthy. 
Reaching this point, I felt frustrated and relieved at the same time. Relieved from pushing myself constantly to keep acting in certain ways ignoring, and maybe denying, the fact that I have changed. On the other side, I felt stressed, noting how some people truly refuse to accept my evolved version, putting me under regular tests and pressures, urging me to proof that I am the same person.
Well, I am not the same person. I shouldn’t be. It’s out my hands, it’s a natural law. My life purpose and my values are the same, it’s true, however, my priorities, my preferences, my interests, my physical abilities and my perspectives have widely changed.

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