The Abandoned

‘In another life I was a digital device. My main colours were black, silver and sheds of grey. I had one eye, buttons and an arm. Few times I stood on one leg, most of the time I was carried carefully like a Bohemian crystal vase. I was instructed to give my back to the sun and to cover my lid while facing it. I used to make many trips for two consecutive decades, then I became completely forgotten. Laying in my coffin, I longed to travel like the old days. I missed observing new places, recording emotions and capturing precious memories. ‘Heavy’, they complained. What an excuse. Unthoughtful they were, imprisoning me on a high shelve like an inherited statue. Layers of neglect transformed my skin to the colour of dust. Ready for a new adventure, my battery was full of energy, despite the long months of stillness. I wondered if they would invite me to their summer vacation, a feast I craved to join. I witnessed them packing, luggages filled the doorway and my heart pondered. Five years ago I used to be their favourite companion, I was cherished in every celebration and honoured in the simplest occasion. The gate opened widely and they started loading the car. Blind folded they thought I were, with the patch on my lens, silly and dumb they were, thinking that I lost my vision not just my sight. The door shut hard while I screamed loudly “beep, beep, beeeeep’. Battery low was crafted on my forehead. I yelled, resisted and objected. I wasn’t yet prepared to another life, I still had unfulfilled dreams. All my efforts went in vain, I was suffocated by pain, desperate was my brain, it turned itself down, shutting me totally off. I was welcomed by the dead’.

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