The Seventeen Years Old Boy

Today wasn’t one of my best days. I had a tough night, poorly slept and had to go to work. Coming back home, I was longing to take a nap as soon as I serve my family lunch. Not seeing my usual smile, my son asked me if I’m okay. “I’m just tired,” I replied “and need to have some rest.”

Shortly after lunch, he knocked my door, asking me if I would like to have a drink. “I’m supposed to serve you my dear, with your mock exams starting tomorrow,” I answered. He said: “Just tell me and I will prepare it”. I thanked him giving him a hug and turned around to find him placing me a red flower on my bed!
Surprised I asked: “What’s the occasion?” His magical voice soothed my soul saying: “That I love you.”

I picked the flower with the joy of a kid who went to the fun fair for the first time. My seventeen years old boy sparing time to buy me the flower in such a hard period in his life and offering it to me to lift my spirit, what a powerful message of love and care.

I love teenagers. They impress me day after day with the lessons they teach and the strategies they use.


2 thoughts on “The Seventeen Years Old Boy

  1. God bless him my dear, Ur seeds of well raising Ur kids started to blossom in lovely, caring , kind, successful teens who appreciate the little acts of kindness ❤️❤️❤️

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