Sharpening The Saw

What’s your favourite food? As soon as we hear the word food, we might think of pasta, feel the taste of chocolate or imagine a cup of coffee with its aroma and a soft muffin by its side. Few of us, hearing this word, would think of what they feed their brains, hearts and souls. Many pay attention to their biological needs, eating three meals and having snacks, drinking hot or cold beverages, while passing days, weeks and maybe month not aware of what they induct to themselves whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Sharpening the saw, as advised by Covey in his seventh habit of highly effective people, consisted in paying attention to our four dimensions as human beings; our hearts, minds, souls and bodies. He pointed out the importance of taking regular breaks to be able to carry out our duties in life, balanced breaks.

Before reading this chapter, I used to wait for vacations to read. Reading is my most cherished hobby and being a busy mum and educator, I never found enough time to conquer my long list of ‘wish to read books’. Now, I plan my vacations considering my four sides. It’s true that I tend to allocate more time to nurturing and growing my mind, yet I no longer neglect feeding my heart, soul and body.

Trying different recipes is an amazing experience, choosing between Yoga, Pilates or Zumba for the body, movies, gatherings, parties and concerts for the heart, meditation, mindfulness and fasting for the soul is a valuable way to sharpen our sows. These dishes have the power to energise us and to turn us into balanced and happier human beings.


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