The Seventeen Years Old Boy

Today wasn’t one of my best days. I had a tough night, poorly slept and had to go to work. Coming back home, I was longing to take a nap as soon as I serve my family lunch. Not seeing my usual smile, my son asked me if I’m okay. “I’m just tired,” I replied “and need to have some rest.”

Shortly after lunch, he knocked my door, asking me if I would like to have a drink. “I’m supposed to serve you my dear, with your mock exams starting tomorrow,” I answered. He said: “Just tell me and I will prepare it”. I thanked him giving him a hug and turned around to find him placing me a red flower on my bed!
Surprised I asked: “What’s the occasion?” His magical voice soothed my soul saying: “That I love you.”

I picked the flower with the joy of a kid who went to the fun fair for the first time. My seventeen years old boy sparing time to buy me the flower in such a hard period in his life and offering it to me to lift my spirit, what a powerful message of love and care.

I love teenagers. They impress me day after day with the lessons they teach and the strategies they use.


Sharpening The Saw

What’s your favourite food? As soon as we hear the word food, we might think of pasta, feel the taste of chocolate or imagine a cup of coffee with its aroma and a soft muffin by its side. Few of us, hearing this word, would think of what they feed their brains, hearts and souls. Many pay attention to their biological needs, eating three meals and having snacks, drinking hot or cold beverages, while passing days, weeks and maybe month not aware of what they induct to themselves whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Sharpening the saw, as advised by Covey in his seventh habit of highly effective people, consisted in paying attention to our four dimensions as human beings; our hearts, minds, souls and bodies. He pointed out the importance of taking regular breaks to be able to carry out our duties in life, balanced breaks.

Before reading this chapter, I used to wait for vacations to read. Reading is my most cherished hobby and being a busy mum and educator, I never found enough time to conquer my long list of ‘wish to read books’. Now, I plan my vacations considering my four sides. It’s true that I tend to allocate more time to nurturing and growing my mind, yet I no longer neglect feeding my heart, soul and body.

Trying different recipes is an amazing experience, choosing between Yoga, Pilates or Zumba for the body, movies, gatherings, parties and concerts for the heart, meditation, mindfulness and fasting for the soul is a valuable way to sharpen our sows. These dishes have the power to energise us and to turn us into balanced and happier human beings.


The Mission Statement

In my previous post on ‘Why and the mission statement’ my mentor, my most loyal fan and my number one supporter commented on it saying: “it’s too difficult to answer this question due to a million things.”
To make it clearer, those puzzling ‘whys’ we encounter on daily basis could be answered with one short sentence.

The term ‘Mission statement’ sounds complicated, however it isn’t. Some examples of mission statements are:
‘To live a life with no regrets.’
‘To be happy.’
‘To be an agent of love.’
‘To make a difference.’
‘To inspire others.’
‘To be a role model for my children.’

These sentences as simple as they appear, are able to answer most of our daily ‘whys’. They become our compass, directing us to what we must do and what we must drop.
Everyday many of us get surrounded by a large number of choices, demands and tasks. We get overwhelmed with our long list of to-dos and we get confused, not really knowing what ought to be done.

This short sentence, as easy as it seems, might take the individual hours, days or even months to craft it. Yet its value is priceless and its impact is timeless.


The True North

Why? Why from my perspective is one of the most important questions to pose to oneself. Why do we befriend some people and reject others? Why do we commit to certain things, neglecting others? Why some words in specific irritate us apart from others? Why do we prefer certain jobs or tasks hating others?
Why making a certain choice among all others? Why choosing a partner despite all other people on earth?

In his profound book of ‘7 habits of highly effective people’, Stephen Covey explained the importance of having a Mission Statement. He described it as the compass that would enlighten a person all along his journey, guiding him to his true north.

Just few sentences or even words, scripted by the human being in a moment of deep thought and while being true to himself and titled ‘Personal mission statement’, have the power to grant him a life of fulfilment and save him many regrets.

Are we aware of our true north? Do we know why we do what we do or act the way we act on daily basis?
If not, it’s about time to scribble our mission statements.